Training, Education and Volunteer Opportunities


• Become a member of the Council and help prevent child abuse. Membership is open to everyone. Parents are welcome.
Meetings are held at 9:30 a.m. on the third Tuesday of the month call 899-3318 for meeting location.

• Volunteer your time to help with outreach and education. Assist with our annual Child Abuse Prevention Month activities in April.

• Write a check to the Child Abuse Prevention Council or to the Frank Watters & Mary Anne Houx Children's Fund.

• Donate a gently used backpack, baby supplies or toiletry items for children entering foster care or relative placement.



The Council provides Mandated Reporter Trainings for people who work with children and are mandated to report suspected child abuse.

Mandated reporter-Are you a mandated reporter?

Penal Code 11165.7 currently specifies 35 categories as mandated child abuse reporters. Review this penal code online:

Why you must report:

  • Because it is the law
  • To protect the child and to provide help for the parents

Know your responsibility as a mandated reporter:

  • Learn to whom you must report
  • What, When & How to Report
  • Safeguards for Reporters
  • Types and symptoms of Child Abuse

Training time is from 30 minutes to 3 hours.
Call the Council to schedule a free training: 530-899-3318
For online training visit:California Mandated Reporter Training

Reporters are immune from criminal liability for reporting as required, but failure to report can result in up to 6 months in jail and/or $1,000 fine.

How trauma affects young children

  • Learn how the brain develops
  • Learn how violence affects young children
  • Learn methods to help children heal from trauma

Training time from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Call the Council to schedule a free training: 530-899-3318

Educational Material Available:

• Parenting tips • Safe Baby Surrender Information • Local Resource Provider brochures • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Prevention; • Shaken Baby Prevention • Safe Sleep Information • Keeping your Child Safe
• Brochures on numerous topics such as Family Time, Managing Anger, Separation, Sleep, Special Needs, Staying Healthy, Stress, Toilet Teaching, When a Child Bites, Positive Discipline etc.

Many of these materials are available in Spanish as well. Call 899-3318

Free Stewards of Children training...

Learn how you can make a difference in your community, and help end child sexual abuse.

Training Opportunities:

Professionals( social service providers, medical personnel, those that work with children, child care providers etc.) 1.5 hour training.

Parent version: 1 hour training ?Learn how to talk with your child about preventing sexual abuse as well as safe guards to protect them from sexual abuse.

email or call: Margie Ruegger 530-519-4248

Attendees will receive a Stewards of Children handbook, certificate of attendance and other information about how to report child abuse and neglect.

This program is funded by the voter-approved initiative, Proposition 10 (First 5), which applied a tax on tobacco products to fund improved outcomes for young children" Training provided by the Butte County Child Abuse Prevention Council.


• Assist with child abuse prevention month activities, via resource tables, blue ribbon campaign, presentations

• Conference planner for annual conference

• Public Awareness coordinator, develop public service announcements, billboards, pus posters, brochures and schedule trainings

• Help collect materials and supplies for foster children such as backpacks and items for babies