Butte County Guide for Mandated Reporting

You have the ability to change the life of a child or elder by reporting suspected abuse. This page will provide you with information to help you report abuse if you should need to.

Who Reports?

  • child care providers
  • health practitioners
  • child protective agencies
  • clergy members
  • child/visitation monitors
  • animal control
  • therapists
  • employment staff workers
  • commercial film and photographic print processors
  • probation officers
  • group home staff
  • teachers
  • law enforcement
  • social workers
  • firefighters(non-voluntary)
  • dance instructors
  • coroner
  • investigators

What Are You Legally Mandated to Report?

You are required to report child abuse. The abuse may consist of:

  • physical abuse
  • severe or general neglect
  • mental suffering/emotional abuse
  • willful cruelty or corporal punishment of child resulting in injury
  • sexual abuse
  • child exploitation, child pornography and child prostitution

Criteria for Reporting

  • observation
  • reasonable suspicion
  • knowledge of abuse

Why Do You Report?

Child abuse tends to escalate in frequency and severity. You are required by law to report:

  • to protect the child
  • to comply with the law*
  • to get help for the family

*Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (Penal Code Sections 11165-11174)

Who Do You Report?

  • anyone who is abusing a child, which may include sexual abuse, neglect, extreme corporal punishment resulting in injury.

To Whom?

  • if life threatening or in immediate danger call: 911
  • any other suspected child abuse please call: Butte County Department of Social Services: 800-400-0902
  • report to law enforcement all incidents of abuse by a non-family member.
    • Butte County Sheriff
         Oroville area:538-7321    Chico area:891-2711
    • Chico Police 895-4900
    • Oroville Police 538-2444
    • Paradise Police 872-6241

How Do You Report?

  • A telephone report must be made immediately if there is reasonable suspicion that a child has been abused. A written report on a standard form (11166) must be submitted within 36 hours after the telephone report has been made.

Contact Info

Relevant Websites

Prevent Child Abuse

The Council provides Mandated Reporter Trainings for people who work with children.

To report suspected child abuse or neglect in Butte County
call 1-(800) 400-0902